"Silence In B'tween" Calgary's Dancing and Dining Entertainment Group - catering to the 60+ audience.

-Party Band - Special Events - 60+plus musical entertainment for Dinner Dances & Concerts-

Silence In B’tween" is your perfect music entertainment solution for family reunions, 60+plus events, house parties, anniversary & milestone celebrations, social club gatherings, seniors’ events,  dinner dances, weddings or cocktail functions".



Client Testimonials:

Review received on 5/9/2019

“So glad i discovered this band...”

“They are fantastic;had so much feedback to how great they are.. I would hire them in a heart beat...the breaks weren’t long and they really entertained everyone....LOVED them👍😊 I don’t have any pic at the moment but when my photographer gets me some I will email you them....”

· Reviewer: Joan V Schleppe

· Event Date: May 4th, 2019 in Irricana, Alberta

· Services Provided: Party Band


“The customers really enjoyed your performance. Lots of positive customer comments! Some even asked if you were selling CD? Till next time.”

Cheers, (May 13, 2019)

Ernie Resek, Slot/ Guest Services Supervisor

Grey Eagle Resort and Casino


 “Just a note to say thank you for helping to make our Stampede Event a great success! It was like having a huge kitchen party and your music gave it a party atmosphere and made them forget the rain! I hope we can again have you perform next year!” 

Executive Assistant/Special Events Coordinator, 



“This letter is in regards to the band “Silence in Between” who have been playing monthly at our Happy Hours on Friday nights for the past several years.

I cannot express how much we appreciate the talented individuals who are “Silence in Between”.   Communication with the band is first rate and I know I can expect quick replies to any emails or voicemail messages that I leave.  They always arrive on time and ready to play and they often play beyond the time agreed upon, much to the delight of our residents.

Our residents welcome them into their ‘house’ with genuine affection and thoroughly enjoy their performances, which we have had to move into our dining room to accommodate the dancing and increase in numbers as they invite their families and friends.

Their set list is full of fun songs that are favorites of our seniors. Their lead singer, John, will often serenade various members of the audience (much to their delight!) and there is more dancing, singing, clapping with this band than any other that we bring in for our parties. The professional level of play by the musicians is simply the best.  I love how special this band makes our seniors feel when they come and play for them.

We are proud of our parties, but even more so when “Silence in Between” is playing at them.  “Silence in Between” has made my job more challenging as the bar is now extremely high when bringing in other entertainers.”


Kim Maclure,  Activity Coordinator

Big Hill Lodge, Cochrane, Alberta

Rocky View Foundation                                                                                                                 




“Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your request, as a reference for your group

known as Silence in b'tween.  Unbeknownst to you or your group, is my past experience as an artist.  I have, in the past, been both a singer and dancer for both musical theater and opera groups here in Calgary. I can therefore state unequivocally, that your group's music is artistically grounded in pleasing your audience!  You have been most pleasant to work with and have done so in a most professional manner. I have personally seen others approach your group, with their own accolades, upon hearing Silence in b'tween's wonderful renditions of popular music. 

Please feel free to pass these above comments along to any and all who may be interested.”

 Brian Fozzard (403-208-7335) Emcee/Event Organizer,

Watergrove Club House, Oct 2014


“Oh, what a night - and I'm not talkin' about the hit single!
Thank you and your wonderful group of talented musicians for an evening we will
not soon forget.”

Kindest Regards, Brian Fozzard,   Sept. 2014

“What an evening, what a night! Easy listening, combined with aerobic exercise (dancing)!
This group has found a musical format for everyone. Well done, we look forward to your return!”

Brian Fozzard, Emcee/Event Organizer, Watergrove Club House,  Feb. 2014

“First let me start by saying the Residents at the Manor see quite a bit of entertainment. We have people coming in all the time throughout the year, so there is no shortage of entertainers. When I first hired 'Silence In B'tween' I could not believe how many people left me notes, came to my office, called me down in the halls, etc. to tell me how fantastic this group was. I literally had people talk about them for weeks (which if you knew the type of Residents who lived here, that speaks volumes) I even had one gentleman inform me that it was the best entertainment he has ever seen at the community, ever!

Marc is very quick to reply to my requests and even sends me follow up emails which is fantastic. Not a lot of people care to ask how people enjoyed the show or ask for feedback after they have been paid. They have a great energy and stage presence while performing and interact well with the crowd. I am confident in saying that anyone who hired 'Silence In B'tween' would not be disappointed. “

Kendra Lindsay

Recreation Director

The Manor Village at Garrison Woods

The Manor Village LIFE CENTERS



Would you act as a reference to Silence in b’tween?

”Absolutely, we loved you guys - you played such upbeat music, we could not help dancing.  A great selection and everyone said how great the music was that evening. We did have a marvelous time dancing and remembering our youth.”

Take care, Billie.

Billie Diane Avery  

Special Event Coordinator          

Seniors Alpine Ski Club

(Fort Calgary, Dinner Dance, May 3rd 2014)



“I would just like to let you know that your band is fantastic! Our residents and guests enjoyed the night packed with wonderful music! The feedbacks are overwhelmingly positive. You guys are amazing! We would really hope to have you guys again in the future. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again at our parties!” 
Wai Lie, Activities Coordinator 
Silvera For Seniors | Confederation Park Community


I am so glad that we got to hear about this wonderful group. They are an outstanding trio of gentlemen. The seniors love them and so do their families. “Silence in b’tween” is a group I would recommend to anyone who likes to dance. They are a”gotta haveth em” group in our list of entertainers.”

Mary-Ann Smulders|Activities Coordinator | Silvera For Seniors | Aspen Community


“We have had ‘Silence in b’tween’ come to our senior’s community several times this year and our residents and staff absolutely  love  them! Their amazing harmony of talent and wonderful personalities makes the band one of the most requested bands within our Silvera Communities. I am thrilled to have been introduced to this group and can’t wait for their next performance with us!” 
Carla Ramirez-Aragon 
Activity Coordinator 
Silvera for Seniors, Beaverdam Community 


“We truly loved and totally enjoyed having “Silence in b’tween” visit our senior’s residence! 
The energy they bring had ‘em dancing and singing along to their great sounds and rhythms! 
The most comments afterwards were “when will they be back!”

Karen Sampson|Activities Coordinator | Silvera For Seniors | Shouldice Community


"Last night with the caterers and the band was the best evening ever that has taken place at the Cathedral Manor Estates. It was your band that did it because we have had these excellent caterers before. Kudos to you and may we be so privileged to have you back again." 
Karen Gillespie 
Manager, Cathedral Manor Estates 
Varsity Estates NW, Calgary, AB



“It has been my privilege to work with and experience the live show of Silence in b'tween on several occasions. They are without a doubt one of my favorite acts. Their professionalism   shines through in all they do, from their setup to their performance. They are a pleasure to work with and a true crowd pleaser. They have such a wide range of material which they perform with great skill. Everyone is sure to hear something they like that will bring back pleasant memories. They are not only great musicians but also pretty darn good people. They give back to the community performing many benefit shows to packed houses. I certainly hope I get the opportunity to work with them and experience their electric performance again in the near future. Highest recommendation I can give”.

Dave Reid 
Sound and Staging 
Caffe  Crema  Music Showcase





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